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Life and Health


How to stay healthy?
Health reflects the balance and the proper functioning of the human organism. Good health is the result of a
alimentation stress management . As each person is different, we must each find our own pace to feel good.

  • Food Healthy

    There are no bad foods or nutrients to banish from our diet. It is vital to find a balance that suits our body. Eating everything is possible; the main thing is to eat healthy. The fruits and vegetables, meats, omega 3, foods rich in vitamins, calcium, protein, magnesium must be part of our daily lives.

    • Practicing a sport

      Today, stress and pollution punctuate our lives. Playing a sport two or three times a week allows the evacuation of toxins. Sweating and getting active helps the body function properly.

      As much as possible, it is advisable to practice a sport regularly . Whether walking, swimming or jogging, the choice is yours.

      Stress Management

      Between work, children, work at home … it is sometimes difficult to manage everything in modern life. The day should be 48 hours!

      How to better manage stress?

      First, look for the cause of the stress. What makes you stressed? If you can avoid this source of stress.
      The most important thing when you’re stressed is to think of yourself. It’s often the first thing you forget when you’re overwhelmed, but it’s essential to have enough energy on a daily basis.


      So give yourself time to take a bath, play sports, read a book …

      Re-learn to sleep well

      Another important point is sleep. Stress often deprives you of sleep, the body needs rest to regain its energies. Take an herbal tea before going to sleep. Limit your intake to excitants and alcohol.

      You can also relax so that you can focus on yourself and recharge your batteries.

      • Bilan de Health

        The health check highlights the risk factors and helps to reduce and / or eliminate them. It can detect certain diseases at an early stage. The health check is of vital interest in terms of individual health and public health.

        It is therefore recommended to carry out regular checkups, at least once a year.