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Business Insurance

Do you run a Commercial or Industrial Business?

If so, your company is exposed to a number of risks, namely: Fire, theft, injured customer in your premises, etc. But you need to focus on your own profession; leave the management of your risks to Sector professionals. The CAH wants to assist you in managing the risks inherent to your buildings, equipment and product stocks to ensure the success and sustainability of your business. The CAH is able to study a customized insurance; As a specialist in business risks, the CAH offers on the Haitian market a multi-risk insurance dedicated to industrial and commercial SMEs – SMIs all the essential guarantees, namely:

      – Flight
      – Fire
      – Flood
      – Vandalism
      – Popular Riots
      – Loss of exploitation
      – Natural Disasters
      – Private Freight Transport …

    tailored specifically to your business.

    A guarantee in case of Exploitation Losses

    A disaster can lead to a decrease or even an interruption of your business activity. During the period following the incident, you must continue to meet your obligations (pay salaries and overhead …) and honor your fixed charges. It is to compensate for the resulting loss of gross margin that we offer you this guarantee. It also reimburses the costs incurred to restart your business quickly.

    A guarantee to ensure your Corporate Social Responsibility

    The CAH protects your company from the financial risks associated with third party liability claims for damage caused to third parties during its activity, whether:

    • Bodily
    • Hardware

    We are at your disposal for a Consulting Service to build with you the protection of your heritage. Contact us for more information!