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Multimed Network: Prepaid Care Plan

The HAITI S.A. (A.A.H.) INSURANCE COMPANY has been offering since 1997 an insurance plan based on the American model called the Health Management Organization (H.M.O.). This insurance product called Assurmedic is unique to the C.A.H. in Haiti, and is administered under a prepaid medical care plan, provided through a medical facility under the name of Multimed S.A. (a group company). In addition to its external clinics, Multimed S.A. is connected to a network of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in the market.

The operating mode is simple:

  • The insured person arrives at one of our CAH-MULTIMED clinics with his insurance card and a letter from his employer (subscriber of the contract);
  • The insured pays only his co-insurance which is in the order of 20% of the cost of the medical products and services received;
  • The Insured receives the services and medications from the CAH-MULTIMED network and has no form of reimbursement to fill out or additional funds to pay.

Today we have three (3) modern, air-conditioned outpatient clinics, respectively:
1. at the Hospital du Canapé Vert;
2. at the French Hospital of Haiti;
3. Unimed Medical Complex in Delmas 32.

Today, given the benefits offered by our CAH-MULTIMED network, more than 50% of our insureds no longer use Traditional Medical Insurance but rather pass through the ASSURMEDIC CAH-MULTIMED .