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Home insurance


Secure your belongings

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a salaried worker, assets and investments aquired over the years can be of great value and deserve to be protected!

Leave the CAH to take care of it because your schedule is already quite busy …. By offering you the guarantees most adapted to your insurance needs, with the CAH, you will always be well accompanied.

Risks Covered by CAH

  • Fire
  • Natural Disasters
  • Automotive (private and commercial vehicles)
  • Housing at family residences
  • Businesses (industrial and commercial)
  • Road, sea and air transport
  • Liability against third parties
  • Operating loss
  • Rental liability
  • Current projects (all risks)
  • Accidents and miscellaneous risks
  • etc.

Why choose the CAH?

  • Experience and strong market knowledge with more than 40 years of experience and trust
  • Team of professionals with a sense of responsibility
  • Responsible financial management to meet our obligations to our policyholders, regardless of the natural disaster that the country would face
  • Reinsured from the top-rated reinsurance companies iternational
  • The largest capacity for large risks on the market